Our General Dentistry Services:

Dental Cleanings including routine 6-month Routine Dental Cleanings and Dental Exams, periodontal / deep cleanings, Periodontal Therapy.

Comprehensive Dentistry for the entire family ages 1 and older. We perform most General Dentistry and Pediatric Dentistry services.  Most Dental procedures including Dental Extractions, Periodontal Surgery and Dental Implant Surgery services will be completed in our office without the referral to another dentist.

Women’s Dentistry – Due to monthly hormonal cycles and pregnancies, women have greater dental needs than men. Growth hormones during pregnancy and menstration lead to increased bacterial activity in the oral cavity and higher incidence of dental disease. Women’s dental treatment should be approached differently than men with an increased focus on Preventative Dental Care.

Root Canal Therapy for front teeth and molars.  In the event you have a deeper problem with a living part of a tooth aka the tooth pulp, it becomes necessary to either remove the tooth or to perform Root Canal Therapy.  Many teeth are not good root candidates because of the shape of the roots or the inherent strength of the tooth.  Many teeth are not too strong to begin with and when hollowed-out, devitalized, filled from the inside out and crowned, they become brittle, weaker, and susceptible to fracture.  Additionally, Root Canal Therapy is not a perfect procedure and it may be impossible to clean all the bacteria out of a tooth and bacteria may leak back out of the tooth after a Root Canal and infect your gum, jaw bone, sinuses and other parts of your oral cavity and body.  We will give you an honest opinion about 1) whether or not you really need a Root Canal and 2) if we believe the Root Canal tooth would have a good prognosis.  Alternative  treatments are available such as Dental Implants and Dental Bridges.

Dental Prosthodontics including Dental Bridges, Crowns and Dentures- We can perform any dental restorative or dental reconstructive case from a single Dental Filling, to removal and replacement of all the teeth with Dental Implants.

Digital X-Rays and Photography – Get involved and educated with large x-rays and photographs of your teeth viewed on a large computer screen. We like our patients to be involved with treatment plans, understand their need for treatment, and learn how to prevent future dental disease.

General Dentistry