Our Oral Surgery Services Include:

  • Oral Sedation Dentistry for Anxious Patients
  • Wisdom Teeth Extractions
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Emergency Dental Services for Patients in Pain
  • Dental Implant Surgery
  • Bone Grafts
  • Gum Grafts

Oral Sedation DentistrySedation Dentistry is not necessary for any dental procedure.  Many dental patients are more comfortable during Oral Surgery procedures with some form of Dental Sedation.  Dental Sedation services we offer include, IV Sedation Dentistry, Oral Sedation Dentistry and Nitrous Oxide Sedation.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions are necessary in 95% of all cases.  Wisdom Teeth are in the very back of the mouth making them very difficult to clean and they also commonly cause bite problems and TMJ Problems.  If Wisdom Teeth are not extraction they will most often cause gum problems, tooth decay and TMJ Problems.

Tooth Extractions – We use a “atraumatic” Tooth Extraction technique.  The Tooth Extraction involves extracting a tooth quickly, strategically and with minimal force.  The Tooth Extraction technique minimizes patient pain and preserves precious bone and gum tissue.  Ideally a Dental Implant would be placed at the time of Tooth Extraction if the tooth is too be replaced.  Extraction a tooth with care is very important for many reasons as such.

Emergency Dental Services – We are committed to treating Dental Pain immediately and we will see patients in pain same-day and we will do whatever is necessary to get a dental patient out of pain.  For example, if a tooth hurts, we will if necessary extract the tooth without requiring the patient to return for a later appointment.

Dental Implant SurgeryDental Implants are by far the best option for teeth replacement. Dental Implants can secure dentures and replace missing teeth. Dental Implants are best placed at the time of extraction of a tooth that cannot be fixed.  A Dental Implant Placement at the time of Tooth Extraction is call Immediate Dental Implant placement.  Immediate Dental Implant placement saves the patient from losing bone and gum tissue and possibly from expensive Bone Grafts and Gum Grafts.

Bone Grafts – tooth loss results in bone loss, often times requiring Bone Grafting or bone replacement prior to placement of Dental Implants, bridges and dentures.

Gum Grafts- tooth loss and Tooth Clenching and Tooth Grinding results in loss of gum shape and tone ( Gum Grafting ). Many times it becomes necessary to move, reshape or add new gum tissue when teeth are lost or patients have TMJ / tooth clenching issues.

Oral Surgery