TMJ refers to a disorder of the chewing system including teeth, muscles and the jaw joint (Temporomandibular Joint).

The disorder is caused by a misalignment between muscles, TMJ Joints, and the fit of upper and lower teeth. Common symptoms include:

  1. Headaches both migraine and sinus/pressure headaches
  2. Worn teeth
  3. Cracked teeth
  4. Fractured teeth
  5. Loose/sore teeth
  6. Pain on biting
  7. Teeth Clenching
  8. Teeth Grinding
  9. Loss of gum tissue covering teeth (Recession)
  10. Teeth Sensitivity
  11. Jaw pain
  12. Joint popping and clicking
  13. Limited jaw opening
  14. Sore face muscles
  15. Ear congestion or “fullness”
  16. Neck and shoulder pain
  17. Numbness in arms and fingers

Very few practitioners are educated and capable of making a TMJ diagnosis.
Due to the variety of symptoms and patient presentations, patients who suffer
from TMJ visit doctors ranging from their general physician, to a neurologist, dentist, chiropractor, etc.

Very few TMJ sufferers are properly diagnosed and therefore are improperly treated.

TMJ, if properly diagnosed by a TMJ Dentist and treated, can most often be resolved in days to a few months without the need for drugs or surgery.

While the cause of TMJ is understood and the treatment usually straight forward, the specific treatment will vary from case to case.

Our TMJ Dentists have successfully treated many TMJ cases. If you believe you suffer from TMJ, contact our office to schedule a “records” and “TMJ” evaluation appointment with one of our TMJ Dentists.

In about an hour, our TMJ Dentists can confirm or rule-out a TMJ diagnosis and create a customized treatment plan for you.

TMJ Dentist